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So it seem that now I'm requesting to artist various of them as sfw requester account of mine on here on dA is still trying to help out of "Infinity Train" fanbase/ community to help support the show and to signed to " petition" once again more of it!!!! Due to the previous and hard time thought about it, now I'm re-opening as late for new artist that I'm meeting with them and such!!! I thought it was over and done April 15, but it seem it not yet!! Plus we're on the 33,000 of Infinity Train so it can be late or be due to other artist... But I will like to thx again to other artist that drew these drawing of Zorma and Tulip fan art, but now it seem we wanted to do it more again - and I thought were done and over with it, as now without being sad.. The event is now re-open for later point to some artist from whom they have the interest of Steven Universe, Anime, ect that they draw these fan art..... From those who have commons are gladly help!!! So it can grow stronger and still support the fanbase/ community of it. Since now it re-open though but not maybe-ish over I will have to put another date due to as off:

Date due end: May 20th, 2017 

Still helping out and still being strong for the community.. For other artist that I did not get request or do art trade with others, ect ect ect I have to do these back to it at some point for some cases..... Still They maybe not the best canon x oc couple - but there personality among kids about knowing about weird things and curious stuff fit them perfect of them. 

Infinity Love Request Event OC x Canon ChallengeThis is a drawing challenge... and the link to spread the support for signed at change.petiton to support Infinity Train. 
Date of Event will ended: April 15th, 2017 (Originally) NOW RE-OPENED May 20th, 2017 
Okay here is my idea.. The even is gonna be a whole completed different event - as previously before back in 2015. But it gonna be something about a slideshow music video of OC x Canon Couple, off course I'm talking about my favorite number #1 couple Zorma x Tulip. Since I'm addicted of the show I'm very into of the character name "Tulip" I think since is my cartoon/ animated character crush of all time ever since growing up in the 90s had a few and Sailor Moon my favorite anime character too.. But though... 
Still what I'm gonna do really for fan of Infinity Train that want to be a official animated series -- I must do a link sponsor for charge.petition, kick starter, and greenlit to donate and support "Infinity Train" to become a series.. I'm as the creator am con

Alongside that I used to support my favorite oc x canon couple, so as this one too - it maybe not the best couple but still I'm supporting this couple and also the related one for the fanbase/ community of Infinity Train, no matter what we wont let Cartoon Network channel network will not drop nor denied Infinity Train at all!!! So we standing still and growing stronger!!!!!

signed to petition:…

Characters List TO DO WIPHeroes
My Sonic Fan Character - developed since 2006 reboot/ remake - Amy, Knuckle, Shadow counterpart
Kimberly - Re-design 5th time/ Remaking (Pokemon OC, Kaygeta friend)
Super Mario Human Original Character Male (Would been) / gotta find a adopts OC
Reboot of Lucina Maximiliano (COMPLETED) need a new name..
Unknown Italian Guy OC name (TBD) need a new name.
Katie Janey (Reboot/ Remake) (If possible) (Pokemon OC, friends of Gerald and Ariel Wellison)
Bad Guys:
Jasper Replacement Player stereotype OCs - TBD/ Finding out and trying to find a adopt character (Working on it) (Rival) - new name and new thing TBA
Mecha Jack Davider (Rival)
Team Rocket OC Male Grunt? (Rival)
Smasherzot (Reboot) (Rival) In future notice (TBD) - Imagination friends oc, not anymore...
The Team Rocket K II themed grunt - TBD / Working Process (Hechman)
The Team Rocket K II darkness grunt - TBA / Working Process (Hechman)
Sailor Moon Female Monster Original Character - TBD (Rival)
Persona Myself, me OC (T


One of Tops Original Character Rivals whom sworn hated the good guys/ and depending of heroines depends. Because one of my original character some are humans does not have superpower and they have hated to the heroes/ heroines depending... 

For those only that my anime oc rival Jasper hate male heroes but only have love interest to only all woman/ heroines only. Sarah Richardson have biggest sworn hated to all the heroes/ heroines - great example of them. 

I would love to draw a picture of Jasper would say wise word and tell the heroes to say "back off" since I role-play about him. 
Jasper Braken Darsch (Original, Rival Player) by JohnnOCFC Tommy Fet Bobber by JohnnOCFC Astinoriana The Great Knights by JohnnOCFC Mecha Jack Davideran (FINAL) by JohnnOCFC Darian Argenteano (FINAL) by JohnnOCFC Sarah Jane Richardson by JohnnOCFC
Theme Romantic Love Music for - my romantic loving male ocs:

Who loves weird 80s music... because i'm addicted to old music... 


JohnnOCFC's Profile Picture
Creator of my OC/ FCs
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
This is the account profile about of my original character/ fan character of biography and stories reference about there life and history. The creator of me "Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi". If anyone who fan of my oc's / fan character is appreciated with kindly, respect, dignity, hopes, and thoughtful meaning that you loved one of my original character and fan characters-- that they are awesome and the greatest of all time ever.

Although, for those the characters of canon and original/ fan characters being friends of mine oc/ fan character are only for lovers, rivals, friendship and such that they mean a lot for them-- if they do have in commons though, or depends- they can be seen as "favorites" of the collections. I respect the canon characters pairing up with my characters, depending if they are in love or being best friends or such, or even there original character/ fan character same thing also, as long there no fights or backtalk or anything bad happens about those-- to be honest 100% no ship war or back talking to people though. But as long, we respect each other that will be fine and be more nice, being polite to others that's fine.

Check out for miscs & stuff of dA of my refernece things of:…

=--Copyright & All Rights reserved about---=
My Fan Character/ Original Characters are belong to JMA Company (Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi Company). They are extremely fan-made and aren't drawn by the creator - fan art/ drawn only original/ fandom character image and it isn't for copycat/ or copyright nor content of anything like those. (c)2005-2015. 2016, 2017-present JMA Company. They are only of my ocs are made/ created by myself - for creativity of fun and artistic of my hard work trying. All characters are proprety to anime, video game, movies, ect are not made by myself nor themselves nor mine but belong to the brand, products, movies studio ect. All of the "For Me" artwork on my gallery or depending credit/ or without credit depending - arent draw/ made by me and I have to ask permission and they aren't copyright/ or stolen if any fair use which I need to re-update who is the art belong to the artist work. All rights reserved.

I'm the creator starting off a signature "JMA" name Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi. Yes, off course I also draw draw and take art trade depending that they get done by now or the next day I only take them only for friends only that all. Just to let you know its I only upload of my original character/ fan character, and other miscs, meme, etc only to be uploaded and the "For Me Fan Art Collection" on my gallery section I only uploaded of these fan art and I do not draw them I should credit them next time.

My websites:

Zorma x Tulip by BriskGoddess

Stamps & Support:
Button::. Couples Support by Priss-BloodEmpress OC x Canon Stamp by Chasing--Echoes OC x Canon stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria I support OC x Canon Stamp by indesomniac STAMP - Canon x OC by 52kg OC x Canon stamp (2) by Chasing--Echoes

Favorite OC x Canon Couple


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