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Hello, John here. Welcome to my contest, "Jasper x Lucina ( OC x Cannon ) " contest.. All you have to do is draw my OC character Jasper, with the girl, Lucina from Lucina from Fire Emblem/ Super Smash Bros 4. Jasper is a 18 years old bad boy, that hates whats considered the social norm, of whats supposed to be 'good' and whats meant to be ' bad. He sympathies with villains and despite the 'hero' or good guys. He believes everyone is the same, and shouldn't be idealized, nor discriminated. In his past time, he enjoys chatting to girls, flirting and being a bit of a play boy. Even though he doesn't sound like a pleasant guy, girls would often mention how much of a gentlemen he is to them, and how much manners he has.. ( Jasper is basically an harem protagonist, so I often team him up with other girl characters ect, as it fits his personality)

No tracing/ or stealing please ( you CAN use a base though, just make sure you credit the owner!)No nsfw, only, kissing/hugging/ holding hands ect.

What is it for: 
its for fun, and letting your creativity flow!

:Jasper: has messy Blonde hair and wears a leather jacket, with a purple t-shirt underneath. His pants/trousers are high waisted, kinda like 80s style fashion.. He has brown eyes, and wears gloves.

:Another Note:  it can have a background, but it doesnt have to have one. Just do your best and have fun!'


Jasper Braken Darsch by JohnnOCFC

Jasper wear gloves, though please do not forget that..

Lucina from Fire Emblem/ Super Smash Bros 4

Lucina by AzallieI Challenge My Fate! by J-PopsicleLucina by hybridminkLucina commission by louten

:pokeball:Prizes!:pokeball: :bulletred: 1st Place:Will get a llama from myself, and a watch, and 4 favorites and a watch. Also will receive a drawing from myself, and my friend PinkiPockets and a comment on one of your drawings from both of us! And I will give you a feature / shoutout..:bulletred: 2nd Place:Will get a llama, 4 favorites and a comment on one of your drawings, and a watch. :bulletred: 3rd Place:Will get 3 favorites, and will receive a llama and a comment.

Deadline Open: June 24, 2017 to Ending September 9, 2017


I dont think I dont want to get the adoptable character from my friend that cost 50 point since I dont have enough point, looking for character that rightful fit to Jasper as a new girlfriend and respectful girl that she does not mind of him dating alot of girls... It has to be a new name of -Creator JMA
Another update it now considering that it seem like Aarono Bowson is going to become a Fire Emblem OCS for some awkward reason, still now getting into the fandom of Fire Emblem abit of the series, still I support the character design and most of the media and stories... Since Zelda series I mostly used to play of few but havent play any new Zelda game since 14 years it been since Windmarker and it rather hard to get into, so Fire Emblem is the outmatch comparison of Zelda, with it being said Aarono Bowson is becoming a Fire Emblem OCs/ and Fantasy OC inbetween together.  His last name Bowson name after the Super Mario Villains "Bowser" - he often look alike "Roy" very much... Now he has a love interest "Female Robin"... 
IT IS CONFIRMED GREGORY ZACHARSON WONT have a relationship with Mei but to the something else... But Team Rocket Grunt/ Pokemon OC Rival "Wallace" will have a love interest of Mei from Pokemon Black & White series.. So Gregory will be remaining as a loverboy... 

There SO MANY forgotten ocs that never seen the light days such as: Dennison, Jack Davider, Ally Zacharson, so as many other OCS too and the one that people have not drawn..... We need TO SEE MORE OF THEM BEFORE they will be FORGOTTEN in the next 10 years of SO!!! So there is no time!! They wont be remember as they are one of the greatest fandom ocs/ or original character of all time... 
This is Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi is now doing the second art contest for the first time once again for 2 years ever since.. Is now doing OC x Canon Couple of one of my favorite of all time Jasper x Lucina? 

I need some help and updating of the journal so it will be kind enough to do so..

Jasper x Lucina OC x Canon Art ContestIntroduction:
What is it for: 

Jasper wear gloves, though please do not forget that..
Lucina from Fire Emblem/ Super Smash Bros 4

Deadline Open: June 24, 2017 to Ending September 9, 2017
Afterlike wise depends if people - if they want to do Aarono Bowson x Robin 

Aarono Bowson by JohnnOCFC Female Robin - Fire Emblem Awakening by MySimpleDrawings

Because now due to my favorite OC x Canon couple OTP Jasper x Lucina - it the new Spiderman x Lucina / surpassing Gregory x Hilda..

I support the Fire Emblem character and its character design of the series, never play the game.. There few fan art of Aarono Bowson and Robin Female, they are the fitful couple than what Jasper and Lucina are... 

Corrin need someone to be loved one of my OCS so IDK whom .

Serena my fantasy female ocs can pair up with Chom, Marth, or Ike depending off, the same thing like my Pokemon OC Rival Ally Zacharson x N from Pokemon Black & White..

There is attention that I'm terming to do a art contest about Jasper x Lucina? We will have to see about that.. 


JohnnOCFC's Profile Picture
Creator of my OC/ FCs
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
This is the account profile about of my original character/ fan character of biography and stories reference about there life and history. The creator of me "Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi". If anyone who fan of my oc's / fan character is appreciated with kindly, respect, dignity, hopes, and thoughtful meaning that you loved one of my original character and fan characters-- that they are awesome and the greatest of all time ever.

Although, for those the characters of canon and original/ fan characters being friends of mine oc/ fan character are only for lovers, rivals, friendship and such that they mean a lot for them-- if they do have in commons though, or depends- they can be seen as "favorites" of the collections. I respect the canon characters pairing up with my characters, depending if they are in love or being best friends or such, or even there original character/ fan character same thing also, as long there no fights or backtalk or anything bad happens about those-- to be honest 100% no ship war or back talking to people though. But as long, we respect each other that will be fine and be more nice, being polite to others that's fine.

Check out for miscs & stuff of dA of my refernece things of:…

=--Copyright & All Rights reserved about---=
My Fan Character/ Original Characters are belong to JMA Company (Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi Company). They are extremely fan-made and aren't drawn by the creator - fan art/ drawn only original/ fandom character image and it isn't for copycat/ or copyright nor content of anything like those. (c)2005-2015. 2016, 2017-present JMA Company. They are only of my ocs are made/ created by myself - for creativity of fun and artistic of my hard work trying. All characters are proprety to anime, video game, movies, ect are not made by myself nor themselves nor mine but belong to the brand, products, movies studio ect. All of the "For Me" artwork on my gallery or depending credit/ or without credit depending - arent draw/ made by me and I have to ask permission and they aren't copyright/ or stolen if any fair use which I need to re-update who is the art belong to the artist work. All rights reserved.

I'm the creator starting off a signature "JMA" name Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi. Yes, off course I also draw draw and take art trade depending that they get done by now or the next day I only take them only for friends only that all. Just to let you know its I only upload of my original character/ fan character, and other miscs, meme, etc only to be uploaded and the "For Me Fan Art Collection" on my gallery section I only uploaded of these fan art and I do not draw them I should credit them next time.

My websites:

-Miscs & Goodies stuff-
Request for TheItalianFan by Call-me-Crazy216 Catherianna Disney Chibi Wink Animation by JohnnOCFC


Zorma x Tulip by BriskGoddess
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